Christmas Is in the Heart, Not in a Tree by Daniel Rodgers

Christmas Is in the Heart, Not in a Tree
Dan Rodgers
Jeremiah 10:2, 3


1. On my way home each day, I notice the Christmas tree farm located across the street from the Slough House Restaurant. For about $24.00, you can take your family to an area, pick out your own tree and cut it down yourself.

a. Some folks have told me about going up to Apple Hill where you can do the same thing.

2. The Christmas tree is an important symbol to most people - it certainly adds quite a bit of spirit to the home, and the kids love it:

a. I remember as a boy, coming from poor family, we usually didn't have much at Christmas (discuss the Salvation Army).

3. Let me say at the outset, there is certainly nothing wrong with having a Christmas tree - I believe I have in my home the biggest one in the county... (discuss).

4. My message this morning has to do with what Christmas is and what it is not. Allow me to mention a few things as we look at our outline this morning:


A. For most people, the Christmas tree, the lights, the tinsel, and all the things that go along with decorating for Christmas...these things are much of what makes Christmas important people:

QUOTE: - Jerry Shin in an editorial in the Charlotte Observer, wrote, "What is supposed to be a time of peace and good will becomes, for some, a time when the reality of human greed and folly mocks the lovely sentiments of the season. But I'm not sure anyone can experience what Christmas really means without confronting that sense of lost innocence and the potential for disillusionment the holiday can bring. Only after we truly face up to Christmas without Santa can we as adults begin to grapple with what Christmas is all about... God's gift of ultimate hope that our human destiny is something more than a brief doomed moment in "the benign indifference of our world."

B. Of course we as Christians know that when the last of t ...

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