Let's Have a Little Talk with Jesus by Daniel Rodgers

Let's Have a Little Talk with Jesus
Dan Rodgers
Genesis 32:22-32


1. This is the second spiritual encounter of Jacob's life. The first was at a place called Bethel, Gen. 28:10-22. At Bethel, Jacob saw a ladder reaching into heaven with the angels ascending and descending...at the top of the ladder stood the Lord:

a. There God confirmed His covenant with Jacob, as He did with his father, Isaac, and with Isaac's father, Abraham. The covenant God reaffirmed to Jacob was the promise to give him and his seed the Promised Land - additionally, that through his seed the families of the earth would be blessed - referring to Christ.

2. What takes place here at Peniel is quite different than what took place at Bethel. At Bethel, Jacob comes to know the Lord as "God" of his life. Many people know about God, but they do not know Him as God of their life.

a. Jacob left Bethel as a "believing man." Here Jacob leaves Peniel as a broken man - humbled and changed forever. God gives him a limp in his walk as a reminder of what took place (vs.25).

b. Here's the point: Jacob left Peniel with a lasting limp, but with a FOREVER CHANGED HEART.

3. We understand that all men need a Bethel experience. Every person in this room needs to be able to recall a time when you met God personally -you received Him and became His child.

a. However, many people never go beyond that experience. They get saved and that's as far as they go. They never seem to be able to produce anything for the glory of the Lord.

4. The thing that happened to Jacob needs to happen in the life of every believer. Jacob spent the night talking with the Lord - as a result, he was never the same.

a. I would venture a guess; there are some folks here this morning who need a fresh experience with God...some Christian who needs to have a little talk with Jesus.

5. Follow my outline this morning...


A. Jacob was facing a serious t ...

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