Passing Over by Daniel Rodgers

Passing Over
Dan Rodgers
Joshua 3:1-17


1. At this point in our story, Moses has now died, and the leadership reins have been given to Joshua. Notice what the Lord said in (1:1, 2).

2. The challenge before Israel was very involved. Not only were they to cross over the Jordan River; but they would be responsible to go in and possess the land...the Land of Canaan--the Land of Israel--the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

a. When we speak of Jacob in Scripture, we are speaking of Israel. You will remember when Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord at Peniel, God changed his name to "Israel." That's why we refer to this land as the Land of Israel. (by the way, it is not "The Land of Arafat!")

3. As we begin this message, I want to point out a few introductory things:

a. First, that God had promised to bless His people. He said, in (1:15), "ye shall return unto the land of your possession and enjoy it."

b. Secondly, God would require a great measure of faith on their part. In (3:4) we read, "for ye have not passed this way before."

c. Thirdly, though there would be tremendous opposition, they were assured God would defeat their enemies (3:10)

d. Finally, there would be victory: (6:27), "So the Lord was with Joshua; and his fame was noised throughout all the country."

4. As we work our way through the message this morning, I want to relate this story to our church and to our personal we, too, in a certain sense, must be willing to "Pass Over;" and by faith, we must be willing to face tremendous odds.

a. If, like Israel, we are willing to follow God and His plan for our lives; then we can also be certain that we will enjoy His blessings and be confident of victory.


1. This would certainly be a challenge for Israel...not having ever been this way before. Joshua and Caleb had viewed parts of the lan ...

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