A Word to the Wives Is Sufficient (9 of 18) by J. Gerald Harris

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A Word to the Wives Is Sufficient (9 of 18)
Dr. J. Gerald Harris
I Peter 3:1-6

Four-year-old Susie had just been told the story of Snow White for the first time in her life. She could hardly wait to get home from nursery school to tell her mommy. With wide-eyed excitement she retold the fairy tale to her mother that afternoon. After relating how Prince Charming had arrived on his beautiful white horse and kissed Snow White back to life, Susie asked loudly, "And do you know what happened then?"

"Yes," said her mom, "they lived happily ever after."

"No," responded Susie with a frown. "They got married."

In childlike innocence that little girl from nursery school spoke the in-depth truth without realizing it. Getting married and living happily ever after are not necessarily synonymous.

Check the statistics if you're not convinced. "The American Family" was one of the feature articles in a national periodical recently. It was enlightening and informative and depressing, especially the grim graphs that revealed the growing divorce rate. I noticed that in 1963, when Martha Jean and I got married, there were 25 divorces for every 100 marriages in America. In 1996 there were 51 divorces for every 100 marriages. "Happily ever after?" - not quite!

We are learning that a major factor in this growing problem is that couples have departed from God's original blueprint. His design has either been changed or ignored altogether. The foundation He planned has not been poured correctly. So it isn't surprising that marriages are shipwrecked and the home is in trouble. First of all, I want us to consider in our text tonight


Please notice that Peter discusses the role of the wife in verses 1-6. He discusses the role of the husband in verse 7. He has about six times as much to say to the wives as he does to their husbands. It is obvious that wives need much more instruction, much more exhortation, much more encouragement in fulfilling t ...

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