The Bible Says about Our Relationship and How It Affects Our Prayers (3 of 5) by Jerry Branch

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The Bible Says about Our Relationship and How It Affects Our Prayers (3 of 5)
Theme: Prayer
Gerald Branch
John 15:7

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You know, as we read the Bible, regardless of whether it is the Old Testament or the New Testament, whenever we read about God's people getting in trouble or having problems, the root of the problem can almost always be traced to deeper Spiritual problem. And a Spiritual problem always is a RELATIONSHIP problem... and the relationship I'm talking about is the MOST important relationship there is... our relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, since all of us deal with many, many problems in our LIVES as we strive to live a Christ-pleasing life, I believe it is very important to tackle the issue of how our relationship with the Lord affects our prayer life.

I believe that EVERY Christian wants to have the best prayer life possible... but I'm also quite sure, that often we just aren't experiencing the kind of prayer life we really desire to have, and neither do our friends...

Probably most of us have either said or heard someone say, ''I've tried praying about this or that, but it just didn't seem to work.''

''I had a serious need and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed, but nothing has happened...doesn't God listen to me? What's wrong with me? I've tried everything I know.''

It also might just be that YOU'VE even experienced that yourselves... in fact, if you haven't... then you're very lucky, and are in the minority of Christians... because YOU SEE, most of us have experienced what we would call 'a lack of answers' to our prayers at time... and while we can all quote cute little religious clichés... you know the ones I'm referring to... the ones like, God either says yes to our prayer, or He says no to our prayers, or sometimes He just wants us to wait... And while they can be very much true, and we ourselves might offer them to someone going through one of those 'dry' times... I don't think any one of us f ...

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