Making The Right Choices A Study Of Peter by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 6:67-68

Now we come to the choice of a man who was TEMPTED to
go away from the Lord Jesus Christ, but he chose to
FOLLOW Jesus rather than to turn away from him. It is
not only important that we accept Christ as our
Saviour, but it is also important that we make our
choice TO GO ON WITH JESUS. We read, concerning many
followers of Jesus in that time, "From that time, MANY
of His disciples WENT BACK and WALKED NO MORE WITH
HIM." Many who were supposed to be followers of Christ
LEFT Him, left Him completely! Oh, the tragedy of
those men! Just because the way grew a little bit
hard, just because they didn't understand everything
He said, they TURNED AWAY from Him.

Last night I was talking to a Sunday School teacher, a
very earnest, very godly man. He said to me, as he
asked some questions about the Bible, "Preacher, I
don't understand a lot of things. I am just learning,
and I am grateful for what I AM learning; but, you
know, there is one thing about it if I come to
something I don't understand, I don't turn away from
it. I BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, and I BELIEVE that the
Bible is God's Holy Word. What I do know about it, I
appreciate more than anything. I am learning, and I
hope to learn more. I accept Jesus Christ as my only
Hope and the Bible as the Word of God and, the true
Guide, the only Guide, to life eternal, through
Jesus." He is a very wise man, my friends.

Notice here, that some of His "followers" TURNED AND
said Jesus unto the Twelve, "Will ye also go away? Are
YOU going to leave Me? Everybody else has left Me: are
YOU going away and leave Me?" Oh, it must have been a
heartbreaking question. Then Simon Peter answered Him
like a flash, "Lord, to WHOM shall we GO? THOU hast
the words of Eternal Life! Where would we GO, Lord?
Tell me, where COULD we go? Show me someb ...

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