Making The Right Choices In Life-the Woman At The Well by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 4:1-26

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I would like
for you to turn with me to John 4, and I want to
remind you today that you must make LIFE'S GREATEST
CHOICE. You must CHOOSE JESUS, if you are going to
be saved. I am speaking on "Life's Choices." The
greatest choice in life you will ever make is about
JESUS. It is important about choosing a lifework,
and it is important about choosing a life-partner,
and other things are important. But there is no
choice so great as the choice of THE LORD JESUS
CHRIST. You must CHOOSE Him as your Saviour. You
see, Jesus does not force His way into your heart.
You cannot FORCE love. It couldn't be love if it is
FORCED. Love is spontaneous. Love is a response to
love. Love is---well, it's LOVE, that's what it is!

It's hard to define, but you know what I'm talking
about. You cannot coerce love, and GOD does not want
to be surrounded in heaven by a group of automatons
or robots, mechanical men and women who jump when He
presses a button. Not at all. I want to say,
friends, that the important thing is to LOVE GOD and
to CHOOSE CHRIST. You and I MUST choose. This
choosing is something nobody else can do for us. A
husband cannot choose for his wife, and the wife
cannot choose for the husband. Children cannot
choose for parents, nor parents for children. Nobody
can choose for anyone else. We must make our OWN
CHOICE, individually, ABOUT THE LORD JESUS. And if
YOU have not yet made YOUR choice about the Lord
Jesus---whoever you are, whatever your age---I URGE
YOU to make that choice today. You must choose Him
as YOUR OWN, PERSONAL SAVIOUR, if you are to be

Here in John, the 4th chapter, we read about a woman
who made Jesus her choice, a woman to whom Jesus was
able to reveal Himself in a wonderful way. In verse
14 we read Jesus saying to this woman, "Whosoever
drink ...

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