What Christ Is To The Believer by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 7:22-Chapter 13

We are continuing now WHAT CHRIST IS TO THE BELIEVER,
from the Book of Hebrews, selecting ONE THOUGHT from
each chapter. We find therefore thirteen wonderful
things that JESUS IS to the believer.

We are now in the 7th chapter, and we read in verse 22
that Jesus is THE SURETY of the believer. "By so much
was Jesus made A SURETY of a better testament (or
covenant)." The word covenant means" an arrangement
between two." GOD has made an arrangement whereby we
sinners might be forgiven our sins and that He might
take care of us and love us and adopt us into His
family and make us His children in nature and in
adoption and take care of us in life and death and
bring us to heaven and live with Him forever. Our
Forerunner, Jesus Christ, has gone into heaven where
He is now preparing a place for us.

Now how can we BE SURE that we are going to GET THERE?
How can we be sure that this covenant is FOR US? Verse
22. "JESUS was made A SURETY." The word surety means
"a guarantor." Jesus GUARANTEES that God will do what
He says He will do! Now UNBELIEF is a terrible thing.
Time and again in the Bible we read that God goes even
BEYOND His word and he "swears with an oath." WHY
should God have to swear to us that He will DO what He
SAYS He will do? Because we are such terrible SINNERS,
and we have gotten SO FAR from God that many times it
is hard for us to BELIEVE that God MEANS what He says.

Let me say this to you very carefully. One of the
things GOD HUNGERS FOR, more than anything else,
according to my study of the Bible, is that people
SAYS He is in the Bible, and that Christ is all that
He says HE is, and that God will BE all that He says
He will be, that this isn't "some idle dream," that
this isn't myth and make believe and a Hollywood
production of play-acting. NOT AT ALL. ...

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