Our Lord's Crucifixion by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 27:31-50

As we look toward Easter, a meditation on... Our
Lord's Crucifixion.

In Matthew 27:31 through 60 we read: "And after that
they had mocked Him, they took the robe off from Him
and put His own raiment on Him and led Him away to
crucify Him."

The Roman soldiers had taken off the garments of Jesus
and they put a robe upon Him to mock Him as king
because He claimed that He was King. They were mocking
Him, not realizing that when He comes again He will BE

You see, Israel did not understand the Old Testament
which shows a SUFFERING Christ and then a KINGLY
Christ. They did not understand Christ was to come the
first time to suffer and die for man's sins and that
after a long interval He would come a second time as a
victorious King. They did not see the TWO COMINGS of
our Lord in the Old Testament. So they invented two
people, a suffering Messiah, and a kingly Messiah, to
deliver them from Roman domination. But they did not
believe Jesus was Messiah so they mocked Him. They did
not believe God sent Him.

My friends, we have unbelievers today who are mocking
everything that has to do with Jesus Christ. They shall
certainly perish even as these because HE IS GOD AND HE
DIED FOR MEN and if they do not receive Him there is no
chance for them to be saved. Are you among the mockers
or worshippers of the Lord Jesus Christ?

After the mockery they took off the robe and put His
own garments on Him. I was thinking about THE RAGS OF
JESUS, the garments that our Lord had. You can be sure
that the garments of Jesus, being a carpenter of
Nazareth, were not those that you would find in the
palace of the Caesars. In Christ we see GOD walking
around in the most humble garments of the day. "They
put His own raiment upon Him again and led Him away to
crucify Him."

A little later we find the soldiers at ...

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