Christians With Hot Hearts (1 of 3) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Jeremiah 20:9

I want to speak to you today on the subject,
"Christians With or Without Hot Hearts," or "The
Passion for Souls." Why is it that most Christians
never win any souls for the Lord Jesus Christ? The
answer is, they have no PASSION for souls. They have
no Fire in their hearts.

A missionary laboring on the mission field sent word
back home, "Send us missionaries with hot hearts!"
Well, beloved, that should be true of every child of
God. Every Christian should have a hot heart for the

The reason most Christians do not win souls for Christ
is that they do not have this passion for souls, this
concern, this burden for the lost, and the reason they
do not is that there is NO FIRE in their hearts.

My text is Jeremiah 20:9. "HIS WORD was in my heart A
BURNING FIRE!" Oh, my friends, it is a wonderful thing
to realize that when GOD'S WORD is in our hearts
really and truly, and it is KINDLED by the Holy Spirit
of God, the result is a burning Fire within our hearts
that creates that passion for souls that inevitably we
must SPEAK for the Lord with hot lips for the glory of
the Lord Jesus Christ. Most Christians never win any
souls to Christ because they have no Fire in their

SOUL-WINNING is the greatest, the grandest, the most
glorious business on this earth! God Almighty has
CALLED us to this business of winning souls to
Himself. Here is a lost world, filled with lost
people, and only A LITTLE HANDFUL of us down here
witnessing for Christ! Our business, friends, is the
business God has given us to do. We are to be soul-
winners for Christ.

There are A FEW people who do win souls for Christ.
There are a few people who do give their lives to this
great business. The Apostle Paul did! What a grand
soul-winner he was, always after the lost, never
thinking of himself, al ...

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