The Rewards Of A Godly Mother by Jesse Hendley

(A Mother's Day Message)
Jesse M. Hendley

My beloved friends, as we approach this Mother's Day,
the day we set aside to honor our mothers, we are
reminded of the tremendous place that God has given
them in His economy, the economy of life.


The Bible speaks of godly mothers. Eve is so called
because she is the mother of all living. Her very name
"Eve" comes from a Hebrew word, which means "life" or
"to give life."


We have another wonderful mother in the Bible, Hannah,
who taught her child to pray. We call her the mother
of prayer.

We remember Hannah had no children, and she asked God
to give her a child. She promised the Lord if He would
give her a child, she would lend the child back to Him
all the days of his life. God answered her prayer and
gave her a little boy. She went to the Temple to offer
him back to God and the priest said, "What are you
doing here?" She said, "Don't you remember me praying
for this child? Here's the answer to my prayer. I want
to keep my word to God. I want to lend him back to the
Lord all the days of his life."

Her son Samuel stayed in the tabernacle to learn the
office of priesthood and to serve God.


Samuel is one of the greatest names in all of the
history of the world, and one of the greatest names in
the Bible. If you have a son and want him to be great,
he could do no greater than to emulate Samuel, a
prophet, a priest, and a judge. In the book of Psalms,
God speaks of his prayer life as being one of the
three greatest pray-ers of His Own knowledge, (and God
knows who prays and who doesn't pray). Samuel was a
man of prayer.


May I ask this question? "Could there be any
connection between a mother of prayer and a praying
son?" Did Samuel learn to pray at his mother's knee?
Did he see his mother each day kneel in prayer? Did he
hear her pray? Did he see answers come to that woman ...

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