Christ, Our Appeasement To God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 2:2

There are many people today who are "not sure" about
God and Christ and the Bible and life beyond death.
They are agnostics; they say, "I do not know." What a
wonderful thing to have faith in the Revelation of

A man the other day said to his wife, "I'd give
anything in the world if I could just believe what
Jess Hendley believes. If I could only BELIEVE!"

You can. You can. If your heart reaches out toward
God, you can. I am SURE about God. I am SURE about
Christ. I am SURE about life beyond the grave. For God
tells us about it. He has given us TRUTH.

Unsure People

It is tragic that many people are not sure about God.
They are not sure about creation. They are not sure
about Christ. They are not sure about the Bible. It is
pitiful. Some claim to be preachers, ministers in
churches! I wonder how any man can "pose" as a
preacher and have doubts about God! What sort of
mental gymnastics does a man have, to accept an office
that is supposed to believe in the Bible and salvation
and the life beyond the grave and then deny all of

There are two classes of people in the world,
believers and unbelievers. Believers are sure of God,
sure of Christ, sure of salvation and the life beyond
the grave.

The Way to Heaven

One thing I am sure about is the atonement, the way to
heaven, and I want to talk today about "JESUS CHRIST,
He is the Appeasement for our sins before God.

There are three words for "mercy seat." One of them is
kapporeth. It has to do with atonement. The word
atonement is used many times in the Bible. This word
kapporeth is found in the Old Testament. It is from
the Hebrew word meaning "to cover" and then "appeasing
anger." That word carries the idea of atonement.

In the New Testament we have the word hilasterion,
"the place of mercy."

the pl ...

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