The Glorious Assurance Of Salvation! Eight Statements Of God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Timothy 1:12

Friends, today we are going to consider eight wonder-
ful, glorious truths from God that will make our
hearts sing for joy! Turn with me, please to Second
Timothy 1:12. Here we read, "I know Whom I have be-
lieved and am persuaded that He is able to keep that
which I have committed unto Him against that day." In
this short verse are eight glorious facts:

1. Certainty. "I know."

2. The Person. "Whom." That Person is Christ.

3. Trust. "I have believed."

4. Complete Confidence. "I am persuaded."

5. Christ's Ability to Keep. "He is able." He is the
Strong One.

6. He is the Keeper of my soul! "Able to KEEP." Oh,
what a rest that is! What a relief!

7. My Committal. "I have committed." I have handed
something very dear to myself to Jesus. I have
committed unto HIM my deposit.

8. The Eternity of the Transaction. "Against that
day." I am saved and saved forever.

I want to talk today on "The Glorious Assurance of
Salvation," which the Lord through Paul has given us
here. It is for you and for me! This is my assurance,
and it can be your assurance. This ONE SENTENCE can
settle your doubts about salvation. Believe it and act
on it.

1. The Certainty

"I know." So many people do not know they are saved. I
love souls, and sometimes in my revival meetings I
will say, "If you know you are saved, raise your
hand." Some people will not raise their hands. They
just won't. The other night I was in a meeting and my
wife was observing when hands were raised, and she
said that half the people would not raise their hands.
Now, I realize that some people may not want to do
that. Nevertheless, in most audiences many people
would raise their hands. It concerns me that so many
people do not know they are saved. They have gnawing
doubts about it. No certainty. They do not know that
if they died today they wou ...

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