If God Is Dead, Somebody Ought To Tell Him by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

I announced as a subject recently, "If God Is Dead,
Somebody Ought To tell Him." That is silly, isn't it?
I made it so, purposely. Obviously, dead persons
cannot be told anything. They can't listen. They can't
think. They can't respond.

But a professor is quoted in Time Magazine as saying
that we must recognize that THE DEATH OF GOD is a
historical event, that GOD HAS DIED IN OUR TIME. GOD

Someone said, "I never thought I'd live to see the
time when I'd see the name of God in the obituary
column of our newspapers." (Run down the column of the
dead and find God's name there.) "I never thought that
MAN would ever conduct the funeral of DEITY, that a
man would ever preach the funeral service of God."

God is dead? Who says so?

Well, Karl Marx says so. He says, "Religion is the
opiate of the people." Religion is just a narcotic to
dull the sensibilities of the people to their pains
and sufferings in this world.

God is dead? Who says so? Sigmund Freud says so. He
said, "Religion is an illusion, a self-perpetuating
illusion. People have a need for Somebody Bigger than
they are to take care of them. Therefore they
perpetuate the false idea of God. The idea of God is
purely an illusion, not real. There is no real and
true and living God."

Who Would Rejoice If God Were Dead?

God is dead? Who would rejoice if it were so?
Certainly the devil and his demons would rejoice.
Maybe you do not believe in a devil. The other day I
saw some illustrations of Dante's famous poem, The
Inferno, and there was the picture of the devil and in
his mouth was a human being. He was devouring a human
being. There is no artist in this world that ever
devised in his imagination a being as horrible as THE
REAL devil. Someone said, "If there isn't a devil,
we'd have to invent one. SOMEBODY is carrying on his
work. Somebody is doing an awful, horr ...

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