Our Standing Before God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 2:4-8

I want to speak to Christians today on Our Standing
before God. Recently in a revival meeting this
question came up, and for three days we went into this
matter. The people of God seemed to see more clearly
the situation, the Word of God and the victory, after
we had gone into this matter more carefully. Perhaps
this may be a help to you. It is a help to every
person to be reassured from the Word of God about our
STANDING in the Lord and our WALK before Him. That is,
in this present world.

When we with all our hearts believe on the Lord Jesus
Christ and the promise of God about Him and trust Him
as our Saviour and Lord, we have A STANDING IN CHRIST
that is as perfect as Jesus Christ Himself, God does
not see us; He sees Jesus. He sees us IN HIM; our
lives are bid with Christ in God.

You don't work for eternal life. You already have it!
You get it as a gift when you believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ. If somebody wants to give you a gift and
you say, "Well, I'll work in order to get that gift,"
that would be silly. So it is with eternal life. It is
God's GIFT. The idea of "working" for eternal life is
silly because God GIVES it to us when we trust Jesus,
and we already have it. The GIFT of God is eternal
life. God's Word says that when we BELIEVE ON HIM we
are given the gift of eternal life. He that hath the
Son hath life. The minute we believe on Him we have
eternal life as a gift. Therefore we don't have to
work for it. Our STANDING then is as one who has LIFE,
eternal life, and we don't have to work for it. It is
the life of God Himself.

Someone says, "Well, what about righteousness? I've
got to make myself righteous."

No, God's Word says that CHRIST is our Righteousness
and that we receive righteousness as a gift! In Romans
5, "Those that receive abundance of grace and rec ...

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