The Deep Things Of God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 2:10

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
I Corinthians 2:10. Today we're studying a most
important subject. "The Deep Things of God." In I
Corinthians 2:10 we read, “for the Spirit searcheth
all things, yea, the deep things of God." Now notice
that expression, "the deep things of God." How
important that is for us to understand. As I thought
about it I said, "That's what I want, how to go deeper
into the heart of God, how to go deeper into the
thoughts of God, into the soul of God, and then to
know as we get to know His heart, His thoughts toward
us and His love toward us and His great salvation." A
man may know about another person but not know that
person. So we raise the question, "How much do I know
God?" Not about Him, for again I say you can know
about a person, you can research a person, know about
his activities and learn about his outward life
without really coming to know his heart, thoughts, the
real person, intimately. All of us know about a lot of
people whom we do not know intimately. And so a lot of
people know about God. They've heard about Him but
they do not consider knowing Him and going deeper into
the heart of God. Now this is important.

So now, let's think for a moment about these deep
things of God. Of anybody in all this universe I want
to know, I want to know God. Now there are DEEP things
of God which are important and there are DEEPER things
that are more important, yes more important than the
simpler things. We know we have the privilege to go
into the DEEPER things and there's a continual going
deeper into the heart, and thoughts, and love of God.
And then there's the DEEPEST on down the line. Under
DEEPER, I suppose we would put John, the disciple whom
Jesus loved or Mary, the Mary who broke the alabaster
box of ointment and poured it on His feet for His
burial and they all said, "Why doesn't she sell this
and give to the poor?" And Jesus said, "She's thinking
about me not the poor." The DEEPER THINGS OF GOD.

Mary was deeper; John was deeper than anybody else
I've ever found that was surrounding Jesus in His day.
Or of Paul, my how amazing! He it is who said in the
Philippian letter that the greatest desire of his life
was to know Christ in a deeper way. "That I might know
Him"---One day as I read this I said, "Paul, what do
you mean? If anyone on earth knew Christ, you did, for
He spoke to you from heaven and called you and has
revealed Himself to you again and again in your great
missionary journeys, yet you still say, “I want to
know Jesus Christ." We ought to read the Epistle to
the Romans and realize how deep Paul went with God. Of
course it was the Spirit of God Who taught him. But
God's Spirit doesn't just use anybody at any time.
Paul knew no earthly being can ever go too deep with
God or plumb the depths of the knowledge ...

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