Bringing People To Jesus---the Greatest Work On Earth by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 1:41

And he brought him to Jesus." John 1:42. Andrew had
spent a half-day with Jesus, and immediately he
went to his brother, Simon Peter, and told him, "We
have found the Messiah!" And he brought him to

The greatest thing a person can do is to bring
another person to Jesus. It springs from the joy of
personally knowing Christ and the heart's desire
for others to know Him! Love for Christ and others
leads to personal work for Him.

Personal Work

By personal work we mean person-to-person work, the
individual needing spiritual help. Personal work
may be a great aid in a mass meeting where the
preacher preaches to the people as a whole. In mass
meetings, individuals are invited to come forward
to receive Christ. In personal work, the individual
Christian goes to another person and speaks to him
personally. We are commanded, "Go ... and make
disciples." Matthew 28:19.

Jesus Did It

Jesus preached to masses of people, but it was not
beneath His dignity to deal directly with a single

In John 1:43 we read, "He findeth Philip." Jesus
personally sought and found him!

In John 4 His spiritual hunger and thirst were
satisfied as He talked with the sinful woman of
Sychar and brought her to salvation.

In John 5 He wonderfully healed the impotent man at
the pool of Bethesda. In John 8 Jesus was left
alone with a sinful woman after all her accusers
had fled, and He spoke words that brought salvation
to her heart.

In John 9 He went out of His way to find the blind
man whom He had previously healed, and when He
found him, He led him to faith in Himself as the
Son of God.

In His three great parables in Luke 15 about Lost
Things, Jesus reveals His insatiable thirst for the
individual soul! He emphasized the one lost sheep,
the one lost coin, the one lost son. He left the
many to go after the one. ...

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