Christ Our Lord In Our Hearts And Homes! by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 10:38
December 1964

(A Message on the True Meaning of Christmas, letting
GOD come into our hearts and homes.)

Today we are taking up CHRIST IN THE HOME. You know,
it is a wonderful thing to have Christ as a Partner.
A businessman, a friend of mine, started a new busi-
ness. He was greatly depending upon his partner. Then
all of a sudden this partner died. This friend of
mine called me long-distance. He said, "Jess, I have
a new partner." I said, "What do you mean?" He said,
"My human partner died. He had a heart attack. It was
a shock to me. For a moment there was a feeling of
helplessness, like "What am I going to do? I depended
on him in this new business. Then I realized I had
THE LORD with me, so I am going to just take the Lord
for my Partner."

Since then the business has prospered in such a
marvelous way. This businessman trusts the Lord. He
has taken THE LORD for his Partner!

There is nothing more important, friends, then to
have Jesus Christ as your Partner. The first and most
important thing in our lives is to have a time DAILY
in our own souls FOR JESUS. A quiet time with JESUS.
A quite time with JESUS! I am impressed more and more
that there is so much outward activity, yet much
distress inwardly because people do not know Christ
inwardly. They have not let Him into their HEARTS.
They have not received Him. Or, if they have received
Him, they have been neglecting Him.

I have been trying to impress upon young people
especially this fact, that there is nothing more
important in their lives than taking a quiet time
everyday to be alone, and read the Bible and PRAY.
The most important part of the Bible is found in the
Gospels, where we find the life and teachings of
Jesus. The most important part of your life and mine
is when we have fellowship with Jesus. In daily
communion with Jesus, He will become real and our ...

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