Light Religion That Cannot Save by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Amos 6:13

If you have your Bibles I would like for you to turn
with me to Amos, chapter 6. This chapter begins with a
tremendous statement: "Woe to them that are AT EASE in
Zion and TRUST in the mountain of Samaria." Then in
verse 13, "Ye which REJOICE in a thing of nought,"
referring to idols. "Ye which rejoice in NOTHING."

So we have here the statements EASE, and TRUST, and
REJOICING. Here is a group of people AT EASE, and
TRUSTING, and REJOICING on the eve of God's judgments!
Light religion that cannot save! At ease in Zion, a
false trust, rejoicing in nothing, in regard to their

That is a picture of multitudes of people today who
claim to be saved and have nothing at all, absolutely
nothing, no God, no Bible, they do not know the Lord
in a real experience of grace, they know nothing about
salvation. Light religion that will not save anybody.
My friends, I want to warn you today that RELIGION
WILL NOT SAVE YOU. You've got to know Christ and know
Him really and vitally in your heart.

You will want to follow me as we lay out God's Word as
the basis of this truth. We want to drive it home
are at ease in Zion are perishing today, those who are
falsely trusting in some object, and those who rejoice
in a thing of nought, nothing at all. There will be no
salvation for them. We've got to be DEAD SURE that we
are saved. There are people "at ease" and on the road
TO HELL! There are people on the other hand, thank
God, who are "at ease" because they know Jesus Christ
as their Saviour and Lord.


"Woe unto them that are at ease in Zion and trust in
the mountain of Samaria!" What is the trouble? SIN.
God Almighty speaks in verses 46 about the SINS of the
people. "They that lie upon beds of ivory and stretch
themselves upon their couches." That word in the
original Hebrew me ...

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