The Christian's Gentleness, Expectation And Freedom From Worry by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 4:5-7

If you have your Bibles, friends, turn with me,
please, to the Book of Philippians, chapter 4, verses
5-7. In this great chapter we have the Christian life
delineated in such beauty! We take up today the
Gentleness of the Christian, the Expectation of the
Christian, and the Christian's Freedom from Worry.

Paul says in verse 5, "Let your moderation be known
unto all men." Moderation means gentleness. "The Lord
is at hand." There is the expectation of the Lord's
Coming. "Be careful for nothing." That means to be
anxious about nothing, not worried. The Christian is
not to worry about anything.


First, we have the gentleness of the child of God. It
is translated moderation, but it comes from a Greek
word which means "to be reasonable, to be fair, to be
mild, to be gentle, to be courteous." It has the
thought of "yielding." That is, the Christian does
not demand his rights, but overlooks his own rights
to keep harmony and love and fellowship undisturbed
with others, giving up his own rights in order that
fellowship might abide. It is a beautiful quality in
the Christian life! I suppose that our word that
gives the nearest thought to the Greek word is
gentleness. Standing with fists up ready to fight, is
not the attitude of the child of God. The Christian
is willing to give up his own rights in order to keep
harmony with another child of God.

Now Paul says, "Let this gentle spirit of yours be
known unto all men," saved and unsaved, in the church
and out of the church. In every contact we have, may
people note that we are different because of our
gentleness, our courtesy, mildness, fairness, and
reasonableness. Oh, my friends, it is a wonderful
word: "Let your gentleness be known unto all men."


Next we have the expectancy of the child of God:
"The Lord is at hand." Mo ...

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