Nervous People And God's Answer (1 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 11:27
May 1964

I want to speak to you today on "Nervous People and
God's Answer." Now this isn't just some clever idea
for a sermon. It is a solemn fact that many people
are breaking down. Even those who know Christ are
breaking down, in many instances. The question is
nervousness. Not nerves, but NERVOUSNESS. There is a
definite distinction there, but we'll not try to go
into that just now, except to say this, that today
on every hand people are breaking down because of
NERVOUSNESS. God Almighty has given us the answer in
His Holy Word.

So many people are worrying. A lady writes that her
"nerves are giving way" and she tells about the
distress she has had, worrying over people who are
sick, worrying over world conditions, and she said,
"I suppose I just WORRY too much." You would be
surprised at the number of people who even think of
taking their lives because of some pressure. Don't
minimize that. Always pray for such people
definitely. It is a very real and acute problem that
they have, and God can give victory and God WILL do

Many people talk about "depression," and constantly
we as ministers of the Gospel and Christian workers
deal with people whose NERVOUSNESS is crushing them
down. Doctors say that by far the majority of people
who come to them are not suffering from some organic
difficulty but it is a case of nervousness that is
brought on by WORRY more than any other one thing.
Fear, or distress of some sort is on the inside. It
cannot be traced to that which is organic. Now don't
misunderstand me. There ARE nervous conditions that
are brought on by physical trouble. But they are the
fewer cases. There are definite and distinct mental
problems, let's not forget that, that have to be
dealt with. But there are many people today who have
no mental trouble and no organic difficulties who
are BREAKING DOWN un ...

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