God's Three Great Demands Of Every Soul (1 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 9:22, 11:6, 12:4
August 1967

0ur Blessed Lord, we thank Thee this morning for
the privilege of prayer, that we can come directly
to Thee as our Father. Jesus bought us the right.
Jesus with His Blood made the way, the living way,
the new and living way, all the way to the Throne
of God which has been turned from a throne of
judgment to a throne of grace, of favor, a smile on
God's Face, no condemnation. That Blood took all
the condemnation away. That Blood satisfied the
divine law that we broke. That Blood satisfied
God's justice. And now this mercy, this pity, this
grace and this love flows out to us through Him!
Oh, how we appreciate Jesus this day! And, Lord, as
the days go by, help us to know His Heart and to
know Him better and to walk in companionship with
Him. Bless, we pray Thee, all these requests we
mentioned today, and we will thank Thee for all
Thou wilt do for us. We ask it in Jesus' Name.

We are living in a world that is in rebellion, as
you well know. We have wars everywhere today. There
is war in Viet Nam, fighting in Africa, fighting in
the Middle East. We wonder where it will break out
next. We have hot war where men are actually dying,
and cold war where men battle with one another as in
the United Nations and jockey for position and talk
about peace while at the same time self is
paramount. The world is in rebellion against God!

The other day I met one of my Sunday School teachers
as he was coming out of his class and he said, "You
know, my people are talking about the rebellion in
the world today, the tremendous changes that are
taking place. It is disturbing people. They are
wondering about it."

There is rebellion right in our own country. We have
the awful fact of riots going on. In our own nation
there have been great disturbances such as recently
in the city of Detroit, much of ...

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