The Wonderful Blessings We Get, Now And Forever, "IN Christ" by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:1

Will you turn with me now, friends, to Romans 8 and
verse 1, as we are taking up the study today of the
marvelous expression, "In Christ Jesus." We found out
a wonderful, wonderful truth. I do not apologize for
staying with this for a moment, because we need to see
it. There cannot be any happiness and peace without
knowing, first of all, that the sin-question is
settled. I cannot have peace and neither can you as
long as we think God will ever bring up against us a
single evil thought, a single one.

If I thought that from now on out, though I have been
a Christian twenty-six years, that God would bring up
against me an evil thought or word or deed I have ever
committed in my life, how could I be happy? How could
I DIE happy? But if you tell me that God does not con-
demn me, He has blotted it all out, it doesn't exist
any more, God doesn't charge any sin against me, He
declares me NOT GUILTY, UNCONDEMNED, "No Condemnation"
is His declaration, (and remember, He is the One that
counts, He is the One that opens the Gate of Heaven
and determines who is going in, and He is the One who
shuts the Gate of Heaven and determines who is to be
shut out)---I say again, if you tell me that HE says
there is no condemnation, that brings PEACE.

I am so glad today, this very moment, that the
sweetest thing I know is that God does not condemn me
for any sin of my entire life nor will He EVER condemn
me. I can die at any moment. I could have died that
first moment after I was saved and gone straight to
heaven without any condemnation. God would not have
brought up any sin against me then, and if I were to
die today, God will never bring up a single sin
against me. That brings the conscience PEACE.

Now. Only those who are IN CHRIST have that
Declaration from God of "No Condemnation." ALL OUT of
Christ are condemned; a ...

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