Believers Walking In The Steps Of Abraham by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4:3, 9-12

Friends, turn with me to the Book of Romans, chapter
4, and we are studying today a continuation of this
marvelous truth of SALVATION BY FAITH, and the two Old
Testament illustrations of Abraham and David, and that
a man can only be written in God's Book and be saved
and go to heaven by FAITH-righteousness, and that he
cannot be saved by WORK-righteousness. Abraham was
saved by BELIEVING GOD and it was counted to him for
righteousness. Romans 4:3. Never forget that
key-passage in the Word of God. Then again, we read
that David was saved exactly the same way. David was a
sinner, and of course, a sinner has no merit before
God. But David acknowledged his transgressions to the
Lord and the Lord forgave him. So, David and Abraham,
two of the outstanding Old Testament examples of godly
men, show to us that we are SAVED BY FAITH, PLUS

We come next to Romans 4:9 through 12, and in this
passage we read that Abraham's faith---not
circumcision---saved him. That means that there are no
external rites that can save us. I want you to listen
carefully, because it has a tremendous consequence to
us in this day in which we live. There are no external
rites that can save us: we are saved by faith alone.
"Cometh this blessedness (this blessedness of being
forgiven, sins covered, God forgetting our sins) upon
the circumcision only? Or upon the uncircumcision

You see, the Jewish nation was given the rite of
circumcision. The Gentile nations were not given that
religious rite. And so, many of the Jews believed that
they alone could be blessed of God. But God's Word
reminds us here, and Paul reminds us, that it isn't
some external rite that saves, but FAITH ALONE. "For
we say that FAITH was reckoned unto Abraham for
righteousness (it was not because of circumcision that
he was reckoned righteous). How was it then recko ...

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