A Study of Salvation by Jesse Hendley

A Study of Salvation
Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:1-4, 28

Friends, I want you to turn with me in the Word of God to Romans, the eighth chapter, and today we are going to take up the greatest word in the human language - SALVATION. This word salvation is used many, many times by people who talk about their souls and the things of God and the things of the Bible. And certainly there is nothing more important, because it involves not only our blessing here, but also our blessing in the next world. If you have salvation, it means you are SAFE, here and hereafter.

Let us take up this word SALVATION from the Word of God. Recently in a revival meeting in Pennsylvania, we were teaching the Bible in the mornings, and in the course of our studies we used an outline of Salvation which I felt might be a blessing to many people, who may not know the details about God's Great Salvation.


Let me put it this way. SALVATION is a crisis, followed by a process, resulting in a perfect state. Let us repeat that. Salvation is a crisis, followed by a process, and resulting in a perfect state, for the person who has it.

The crisis (as we have it in JOHN 3) is the New Birth. That is the Crisis. That is when Salvation comes to us.

The crisis is followed by a process. God's Word says we ARE BEING saved. That is Second Corinthians 3:18.And this results in a perfect state. That is First John, third chapter, verses 1 and 2.

Now some people do not see the whole scope of God's Great Salvation. Some people see only the crisis, when they are born again. That's all. They think only of that time in the past when they were born of the Spirit of God. I was born of the Spirit of God twenty-six years ago. I go back to it. I think of the time of my spiritual beginning with a great thrill. That is well and good. No one can forget the time when he is born again, if he knows the time and place.

There are some people, of course, who do not know the specific time when they were born again. For them there was no tremendous upheaval, in their particular nature. And yet, they were truly born of the Spirit of God. Many of our great men of God were that way, like G. Campbell Morgan. But those who have had an unusual crisis, a tremendous upheaval, do remember that.There are other people who think much about the PROCESS. They speak much about Sanctification. Sanctification is in the Bible. We want to see just what that process is in the Bible, dealing with our salvation.

Then there are others who think much about the perfect state, that is, the future. We'll deal with that also, as we explain Salvation.


Now there are three tenses of Salvation, as revealed in the New Testament. When you speak of being ''saved,'' you must think of three tenses, past, present and future. The past tense of salvation, esothen, ''I was saved.'' The present tense, sodzomai, ''I am being saved.'' Then the future tense, sesomai, ''I shall be saved.'' All three tenses ...

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