A Study In Romans (4 of 4) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:1

And now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I want you
to turn with me to the Epistle to the Romans, and
today we are taking up chapter 1, verse 1.

Now we're not trying to go through this book verse by
verse, but I am just passing along some spiritual
blessings God has given me from word studies that we
find here, and I hope they will be a blessing to your
own heart. We are going to be taking up some Greek
words as we go along.

By the way, the other day a friend of mine was telling
me that she was riding along on the bus, and she said
she heard a lady behind her witnessing to another lady
about the things of the Lord, and in her talk she told
how she had been converted through our broadcast. It
seems that this lady, who was talking and witnessing
to another lady, was a Greek woman, and she had been
attracted because we had been giving some Greek word
studies over the radio from our Greek New Testament,
and she began to listen, and being a Greek, hearing us
give Greek words interested her, and she found Christ
as her Saviour, and she was urging this other lady to
tune in our broadcast. That was very interesting, and
I was mighty happy to hear about it.

And so it was a great thrill. I hope that many of our
Greek friends will listen in, because we love that
Greek Testament, I'll tell you that! As old Dr. A. T.
Robertson used to say at Louisville Seminary, that
tremendously great scholar, a man who devoted his life
to it and wrote a grammar about 1400 pages through, on
the Greek New Testament. He said, "The Greek New
Testament is, of course, THE New Testament." Now don't
let that disturb you friends who have English Bibles,
because you get Truth in the English text wonderfully
well, and I praise the Lord for it; but it is
wonderful also to be able to DIG INTO THE ORIGINAL
TEXT and find these marvelous truths of the WORD OF

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