Paul's Defense Of Himself And Of The Gospel by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 1:6

Galatians 1:6 records these words of the Apostle Paul:
"I marvel (I am astonished, the Greek word thaumadzo)
that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you
into the grace of Christ unto another Gospel."

Notice Paul's amazement at the people's treatment of
God! Notice what these Galatians were tempted to do.
They were about to leave GOD by going to Moses,
commandments, circumcision, the Old Testament Law,
after Paul had preached to them Salvation by Grace
through Faith in Jesus alone. "Faith in Christ!" Paul
said, "That's all you need for salvation, to please
God and live the Christian life from the time you are
saved until you get home to heaven. That's all. Simple
faith! Jesus is the Way! There is no other way.
Salvation is not by keeping commandments and going
through ceremonies. These have nothing to do with it

These people, in going to commandments and ceremonies,
were leaving God. When you don't go God's way, you
leave God. God is not going to change, my friends. The
change takes place in people, not in God. And these
people were removing themselves, turning away from
God, transferring to "another Gospel." after God had
called them to Himself and into the grace of Christ.
So whenever you try to add anything to simple faith in
Jesus for your salvation, you are leaving God, right
then. For that is not God's way.

Paul said, "I marvel, I am astonished at you, that
anybody would want to leave this Great Salvation, by
simple faith in Jesus, and walk AWAY from God." They
were walking away from this wonderful God-Father Who
saves by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing
else. Paul said, "You are removing yourselves." This
is the meaning of the Greek word. Simple faith brought
you TO God; now you are picking yourself up and
leaving God." "And you are removing SO SOON from the
One Who called ...

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