God, Our Helper - We Have The Father, Son And Holy Spirit by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 14:1-2, 20-23

So many people think that the things of this life are
all that really matter. Christ, Christ, Christ, is the
Answer! JESUS CHRIST is All! It is our glorious
privilege and joy to be able to preach JESUS CHRIST
and God's great salvation through Him! Thank God for
those who appropriate Him, and thank God for those who

Some people have to be struck down before they will
listen, have to be laid on beds of affliction, come
face to face with death or some great sorrow. They are
so taken up with THE THINGS of this world.

Man With Muck Rake

John Bunyan has the picture of a man with a muck rake
in his hand. He is looking DOWN, at the mud and the
muck that he is raking. It is the picture of a man
taken up with just the things of this world. Right
over his head are angels and heaven and God and all
the glory of things that count for eternity. But his
gaze is fixed downward. The man with the muck rake!

How many people are just like that, taken up with the
things of the world and time and forgetting the things
of eternity and God. It is a tragic thing to be
awakened late in life, just in time to be saved, and
to have LOST the years of one's life. It is better to
be saved, even at the end of one's life. Some people
never wake up until they wake up in hell.

There is a hell. There is a heaven. You'd better
believe it. Everyone listening to me is on the road to
the one or the other and just as near to it as a
heartbeat! Just as near to heaven or hell as the
breath you breathe. Life may be snuffed out at any
moment. Will it be heaven for you? Or will it be hell?
Will you be with God or without God? With Christ or
without Christ?

Oh, beloved, LOOK UP unto the Lord. Look after your
SOUL. I beg you, turn to Him now, today, and call upon
Him for salvation. "For whosever shall call upon the
nam ...

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