The Way Of Fullness Of God's Grace by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Peter 5

We are taking up again today First Peter, chapter 5,
and again we have this wonderful song,

Grace is flowing like a river!
Millions there have been supplied;
Still it flows, as full as ever,
From the Saviour's wounded side.

Day by day God's Grace is flowing from the Throne of
God, from the wounded side of Jesus, unto every heart
that trusts Him as Saviour and Lord. Grace that not
only saves and forgives, but Grace that gives us the
Life of God, gives us the Gifts of God to be used for
Him, and a life to be lived in Grace---the Grace Life!
And today, we are going to study the final part of
this series in First Peter 5, so turn with me now in
your Bible to this wonderful fifth chapter of First
Peter, as we take up The Sufficiency of God's Grace.

Remember, these Christians were going through trials
and sufferings and difficulties, and Peter is writing
to encourage them. TESTING is part of the Christian
life! We must expect, says Peter, fiery trials. And we
are not to think it strange that they come to us. We
must remember that the Christian is a stranger on this
earth, a soldier fighting a battle, a runner in a race
striving for a prize. All these synonyms for a
Christian indicate trial and testing and presuppose
the need of effort, in order to obtain the final

When we meet with trials, we look within ourselves for
resources to fight them. This is wrong. We must look
outside ourselves, unto GOD. HE has made provision to
help us win the battle and help us in our
difficulties. His provision---adequate and
all-sufficient---is called "Grace". The Grace of God
to man.

So God's Grace brings us two tremendous blessings.
First, SALVATION, which deals with our sins thoroughly
and does away with them and their consequences, and
second, RESOURCES to conquer all enemies of the
Christian life, that we may live victo ...

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