God's Great Love Token To Man (4 of 4) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 12:13

Today we conclude this series on "The Blessed Token."
I say, "conclude it," but actually you could preach on
it forever! It is a wonderful truth, the great BLOOD
MARK, the BLOOD TOKEN, the wonderful token that God
has given to us of His favor and His salvation, the
guarantee of our eternal life. We have it there in
Exodus 12:13. "And THE BLOOD shall be to you for a
token upon the houses where ye are. And when I see the
blood I will PASS OVER you, and the plague shall not
be upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of

I would like to remind you again that that night in
Egypt, when the Israelites were spared because of the
blood on the outside on the doorposts of the houses,
was a type of our salvation by faith in Christ's Blood
today. Paul writes in the Corinthian letter and says,
"Christ, OUR PASSOVER, hath been sacrificed for us."

That blood token on the outside MEANT something. One
of the great things that it meant was THE PERFECT
SAFETY of those who had placed the blood outside on
the doorposts of the houses. When a man took the blood
of the lamb as God had commanded him, when he caught
that blood in a basin, when he dipped that little
hyssop sprig in that warm blood and then took it to
the outside and smeared the doorposts of his house, on
the left side, on the right side, and across the top,
that man was PERFECTLY SAFE when he went inside and
had his meal, awaiting the order of Jehovah his God
Who had commanded him to be ready to go. That man was
AS SAFE as God Almighty Himself is safe! For God must
keep His Word. God will keep His Word. What He says He
will do, He will do. He said, "When I see the blood I
will pass over you. You put that blood out there, and
I will SPARE YOU from judgment. I will take care of
you in the night of judgment. I will see to it that
the destroying angel shall not touch your h ...

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