God's Great Love Token To Man (1 of 4) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 12

Today we are taking up a study that is very precious
to our heart and we hope it will be unto yours. I want
to read to you the entire passage in Exodus 12.

There are many great chapters in the Bible, such as
First Corinthians 15, the great Resurrection chapter.
First Corinthians 13, the great Love chapter. John 14,
the great Comfort chapter, "Let not your heart be
troubled." Isaiah 53, the great chapter in the Old
Testament of the Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus for our
sins. We could go on and on with "great chapters" of
the Bible. And this is one of them - Exodus, chapter

Let me read it to you. (read outloud)

The Token

I want to lift out of that text today that wonderful
verse 13, "And THE BLOOD shall be to you for A TOKEN."

Remember this is GOD speaking. This is God speaking TO
MEN. Remember what the word TOKEN means today because
we are speaking to you on "God's Great Love-token to

What do you mean by A TOKEN? The dictionary defines
the token as "something given; a symbol of authority,
of good faith, of evidence; a witness of love."

I thought immediately of the marriage vows that are
made in a marriage ceremony, when one says to the
other, "I, John, do give to thee, Mary, this ring, as
A TOKEN AND PLEDGE of my constant faith and abiding
love. I PROMISE to cherish thee in sickness and in
health," and so on, "till death do us part." The
wedding ring is a TOKEN OF LOVE.

This blood, sprinkled on the outside of the doorposts
of the houses of the people of Israel there in Egypt
that night, was GOD'S TOKEN to them OF HIS AMAZING
something that God gave them as an evidence of His
faithfulness and His love and His care! God's great

How in the world can those of us who are trusting THE
BLOOD of the Lord Jesus Christ DOUBT God's care for
us? When I ...

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