In The Service Of The Lord by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 16

At the beginning of this New Year, it is an
appropriate time to look at CHRISTIAN SERVICE in First
Corinthians, chapter 16, about giving. At the end of
the preceding chapter Paul says we are to be abounding
in the work of the Lord. But how can there be a work
for the Lord without giving? If we want to serve the
Lord, we can serve Him by giving to His work.


You know, there are at least three ways we can serve
the Lord. We can witness for Him by our lives. Other
people notice our lives. People can tell if you are
different from the world and are really living for
Christ. If we are thinking the thoughts of Christ and
speaking the words of Christ, our lives will show it.
I don't mean we should go around with a big sign on
our backs saying we are Christians. But what we
actually are inwardly, our devotional lives, our
sincere love for Christ and His Word cannot help but
be evidenced in our outward lives. People are going to
know it. Our lives are a witness for Christ, if we
never said a word!


Secondly, we can serve the Lord by talking, speaking,
witnessing about Him. You and I can talk. A lady wrote
me a letter and said, "I am very timid. I cannot get
up and testify in public." Well, you know, God can
enable anyone to talk to loved ones and friends. If
the desire is there, He will open up unusual doors for
witnessing. She just needs to be alert and pray about
it. If you really want to share Jesus with other
people, God will help you do it.


Thirdly, we come to what Paul talks about in this
chapter (16:1). We can serve the Lord by giving. I
cannot be on the mission field like one of my friends,
but I can give to help him in the work of the Lord.
Whenever you give to get God's message out, and to
help Christians (particularly the needy) you are
ministering to the Lord.

So Paul says in 16:1, "Now co ...

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