Our Abilities Are To Be Used To Glorify God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Peter 4:10

Friend, it is wonderful today to go into the study of
the marvelous Grace of God as found in First Peter,
and here's our song! Are you singing it? Do you have
the words?

It is the same tune as "Joys are flowing like a river
since the Comforter has come."

Grace is flowing like a river,
Millions there have been supplied;
Still it flows as full as ever
From the Saviour's wounded side!

Aren't those wonderful words? Of God's marvelous
GRACE! Sing those words over and over again! They will
be a blessing to your heart. They will give you a
happy start for the day and carry you through the day
through every trial that comes your way. It would be a
good way to close at night, before you retire, just to
kneel down and thank God for His Grace.

Will you turn with me now to First Peter 4:10, and we
are continuing this marvelous study of the Grace of
God? We found, from First Peter and the word Grace and
the sprinkled blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, that
means NOT ONLY DELIVERANCE from our sins and their
consequences and forgiveness full and free, BUT ALSO
God's marvelous POWER TO KEEP US every step of the way
right on through into Glory!

Then we found that there is going to be Grace revealed
to us WHEN JESUS COMES, the marvelous grace of A NEW
will be a gift of God, coming to us when Jesus comes.

Then we found Grace entering into the home as touching
husbands and wives and bringing to us THE VERY LIFE OF
GOD. Grace, which is a synonym for salvation, brings
the Very Life of God Himself. A real Christian is a
person in whom GOD lives and moves, one who is
carrying on God's plan and purpose, using his mind and
tongue and eyes and hands and feet and the entire
being. Our bodies are the temple of God Himself. He
dwells in us.

Now we come to chapter 4, verse, 10, studying the ...

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