The Danger Of Vanishing Spiritual Concerns by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hosea 6:4

There are times, friends, when God speaks to us and
makes us concerned about spiritual things. There come
times in everybody's life when they think about God
and death and eternity, heaven and hell, the Bible,
Christ, the way of salvation. Yet so few follow
through and find Jesus as Saviour and Lord, becoming
truly converted and children of God.

I want to speak to you today on the danger of
vanishing spiritual concerns, the danger of allowing
these warnings God sends our way to fade from our

Among God's People

There is a danger among God's people to allow
spiritual concerns to fade from our hearts. You
remember how God delivered His people Israel out of
Egypt and brought them on to the Red Sea and delivered
them there with a mighty victory. They sang the
praises of God! Yet again and again in Israel's
history after such deliverances they began to murmur
and complain and go on in unbelief, not believing God.
They wandered for forty years in the wilderness, when
they could have made the journey in eleven days, all
because they did not HEED the spiritual concerns God
had plainly given them!

What a tremendous thing it was when God smote the
firstborn in Egypt for Israel's sake! What a
tremendous thing it was when God smote Pharaoh at the
Red Sea for the sake of His people! How many times God
did wonderful things for them and they were awakened
and aware of His interventions, and yet they murmured
and complained, with tragic consequences. They did not
heed when God spoke to them.


We read in the New Testament of Demas, an associate of
Paul the Apostle. Paul writes, "Demas hath forsaken
me, having loved this present world." Demas had
followed Paul. He was an awakened man. He was a
believer in Christ and in the ministry God had given
to Paul and he joined himself to Paul to help in the
work of the Lord ...

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