God's Joy In Saving Our Souls by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 15:1-2, 11-24

Today we are considering one of the best-known
parables of Jesus, commonly called "The Story of the
Prodigal Son." A parable, as you know, is an earthly
story with a heavenly meaning. It is found in Luke

To whom is Jesus speaking? Verse 1, "Then drew near
unto Him all the tax collectors (persons hated by the
Jews because they collected taxes for Rome under
whose oppressive rule they had to live) and sinners
to hear Him. And the Pharisees and scribes murmured
saying, This man receiveth SINNERS and eateth with

The parable begins in verse 11. (read through vs 24)

Friends, this parable of Jesus ought to be a joy to
every heart, saved and unsaved. It reveals GOD'S JOY
IN SAVING US. We know, of course, of the joy of the
person when he is saved, to know that through faith
in Jesus he will not go to hell but will be in heaven
with God forever; but this is THE JOY OF GOD in
saving us. This is GOD'S JOY over our salvation. I
don't know of any passage in the Bible that reveals
more wonderfully His Heart, His great joy, His
immense love for us sinners and His WANTING to save

Revival: Boy Saved

In a recent revival meeting, one night after the
service the people were coming up and shaking hands
with me, and a little boy of about twelve or thirteen
came and said, "Preacher, how may I know I am saved?"
I took him aside and again went into the matter of
salvation and gave him God's promise. He definitely
called on the Name of the Lord according to Romans
10:13 and was wonderfully saved. The next night he
came forward to express openly his faith in Jesus and
to join the church and follow the Lord in baptism.
Tears of joy were rolling down his face as he
realized that he had been in danger but was now safe
in the Lord. And how glad his mother was, also with
tears of joy, over the SALVATION of her son!

God's Joy, Ou ...

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