The Book Of The Revelation (22 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 20:11-15


"What shall THE END of them be that obey not the
Gospel of God?" The Last Judgment (for Unsaved) In
chapter 20, verse 11, John sees the last scene of this
present order, the end of this world and of mankind.
The end of the race of unbelievers is found in the
compass of verses 11 through 15.

We have here the last judgment. It is not a trial. The
trial is today. The Word of the Lord tries us today.
We are on trial now as to what we do with the Lord
Jesus Christ. "He that believeth and is baptized shall
be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned."
Every human being is on TRIAL now. When we get into
the next world it will be no longer a trial; it will

This is the final, personal and everlasting judgment
of the unregenerate, the unsaved. They had been given
their chance in this present world, whether they would
accept Christ or not, whether they would believe on
God's Son or not, whether they would give their lives
in devotion to the Son of God or not. They had made
their choice. Don't blame God for this judgment! Each
man chooses his own destiny! This is the ultimate doom
of those who choose to live for themselves and not for
the Lord Jesus Christ with all honesty and sincerity.

God's Throne

The Apostle John, to whom God gave the vision and the
task of writing the Revelation, says, "I saw a great
white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face
the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was
found no place for them."


It is a GREAT throne, for there is none as great as
God. This is God's supreme and final word. We speak of
the Supreme Court of the United States of America as
being the highest court in our land. Friends, there is
a Court higher than all the courts of human beings.
This is the Supreme Court of the Universe! It is
supreme because GOD sits on this throne, and He judges
unregenerate men who have rejected Him and His Son.


It is called a WHITE throne, because of its purity.
Absolute justice will be meted out. God will never
mistreat a human being. The most solemn day in the
life of a man who rejects Christ is that day when the
white light of God's purity shines on the sinner's
heart and he is revealed for what he is, exposed for
what he is: one who does not love God and Christ but
loves himself. The sinner's heart must stand the
light, the absolute purity of God in that hour.

It is called a THRONE. A throne signified rulership,
government. God's Word and will will be carried out.
Not even angels will be able to defy what God says.
Men will be utterly helpless. "Strong is the Lord God
who judgeth thee," said a prophet of old to Israel,
and he told the truth. THE THRONE OF GOD! Everybody
without Christ will one day stand in awful judgment
before God's throne.

The Sitter

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