The Book Of The Revelation (21 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 60:1-22


Through the centuries men have tried to devise forms
of government that seemed best for mankind.

Years before Christ, Plato set forth an idea of a
Republic, but men have not practiced it very well.

We are familiar with the form of government called a
Monarchy, when one man rules as king, but history
reveals that usually when a man is given supreme power
he becomes a despot and men are miserable. In my
travels around the world I have gone into museums and
have seen the remains of some of the great kings. In a
museum in Cairo, Egypt, I saw the remains of King Tut.
He must have been a very miserable king because his
life was a constant conflict, trying to stay on the
throne himself and keep others from murdering him so
that they could take the throne, and trying to keep
out enemy nations that wanted to take his country. How
true it is, "Uneasy lies the head that wears the
crown." It has been uneasy down through the years.

Men have tried Fascism. Some years ago in Italy the
Fascists under Mussolini thought they had the ideal
form of Government.

The Communists come along and their system takes away
personal freedom and puts men under the scourge of
suffering and death, and they are propagating their
idea of government all over the earth today.

We, in opposition to them, say that of all the various
governments the best kind ever devised is a Democracy,
which we are supposed to be but we are not a true
democracy. I suppose the nearest thing to it was back
in the days of Pericles in Greece. Democracy is
supposed to be the rule of the people, but it is very
difficult where there is a great mass of people for
everybody to have his say in government. Yet we have
to say this: our founding fathers devised a government
which under God's blessing has proven to be the
greatest system known to m ...

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