The Book Of The Revelation (20 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 20

The Thousand-Year Reign of Christ

We are taking up now "The Thousand Year Reign of
Christ" in Revelation 20. Some people say the
thousand years are not mentioned in the Bible. Here
they are in the Book of the Revelation. Our Lord
Jesus Christ shall reign on this earth, and His
saints with Him, for a thousand years.

Men Want to Live

How would you like to live a thousand years? One man
almost made it. Methuselah lived to be 969. If
someone would go on world-wide TV tonight and tell
people how they could live a thousand years, it
would be revolutionary! Men will do anything to

Suppose you had a bad heart and by the surgeon's
putting someone else's heart in you you could live
another fifteen or twenty years. Would you want to
do it? A number of people are alive today with
somebody else's heart beating within their bodies.
They wanted to LIVE. Today there are many different
kinds of transplants---hearts, kidneys, and so
forth. Will man ever be able to transplant the human
mind? Can the good mind of a dying person be put
into a healthy body with a sick mind? If so, "who"
will that person be? All of this simply points up
the fact that men want to LIVE.

We have here the statement of God that in the future
Christians ARE going to live. In the Millenium they
will live and reign with Christ a thousand years.

I am going to live MORE than a thousand years. I
have lived sixty-one years already, and someday the
thousand years with Christ, and then I am going to
live FOREVER with the Lord.

A man's life-span today is approaching seventy-five
years. It used to be much shorter. A thousand years
would be more than THIRTEEN life-spans. You know,
the Bible is a wonderful Book, isn't it, just to
boldly make a statement that certain people ARE go-
ing to live A THOUSAND YEARS. This prophecy God gave
to John plainly says, "The ...

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