The Book Of The Revelation (19 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 19:11

Christ On The White Horse

Friends, turn with me now, please, to the 19th chapter
of the Book of the Revelation, and we are thinking
today about THE RETURN OF OUR BLESSED LORD, a time of
enormous change in the entire world. God has foretold
in the Holy Scriptures the tremendous things that will
take place when Jesus comes AGAIN.

First, Jesus is coming for His Church. The Church,
composed of all believers in Christ since the time of
Christ, will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
Then down here in this world will take place the
Tribulation Period, earth's period of greatest agony.
We have been studying this from Revelation 6 through
18. The Tribulation Period ends with the return of our
Lord Jesus Christ. He will come from heaven to earth
and bring His Church with Him. People who have
believed on Him from His first coming to His Second

Mission of Judgment

We see here that Christ's Second Coming is a mission
of JUDGMENT. When He came the first time it was a
mission of SALVATION. He came as the meek and lowly
Jesus. He went to a cross and died for sinners. He was
spat upon. He was beaten. He was mistreated. He was
forsaken of everyone, even His disciples. Beloved, it
is going to be different when He comes again! The next
time He will not be the meek and lowly Jesus. He will
not be a Babe in Bethlehem's manger nestling at a
mother's breast. He will be the Great King of Kings
and Lord of lords. The most majestic moment this world
has ever known will be when this Almighty Warrior-King
returns with the armies of heaven following Him down
to this earth! Beloved, there is coming an Invasion
from outside our universe, and it will the Invasion of
Christ, the Commander-in-chief of the armies of

I hope you will follow me as I read it through. Then I
will give a verse-by-verse exegesis of the words.


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