The Book Of The Revelation (14 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 15

There was a man interviewed on a nation-wide TV
program. He had written a book to say, "It is a crime
ever to punish those who do wrong."

God evidently didn't believe that, which we will know
if we read His Word. This is a human mind against the
mind of God. This is blasphemy. To do this is to slap
God in the face because this entire Book of the
Revelation is a book of JUDGMENT. God is a God of
justice and of judgment. He says so in His Word. God
Himself punishes those who do wrong. He even punishes
His own people who do wrong. "Whom the Lord loveth He
chasteneth and scourgeth every SON that He receiveth."
So this author slaps the Almighty God in the face with
his book. (The Crime of Punishment.)

Is it wrong to punish people? My beloved friends, God
doesn't believe that. In this Book of Revelation we
have judgment. We have punishment. We have God's wrath
poured out upon an unbelieving world!

These little men with their little minds who "know
more" than God are bringing this world to the brink of
its own destruction! In our very prisons are revolts
and crimes. Men kill. In some prisons it is more
dangerous to be in than it is to be out. A man can be
killed very easily in prison. He can be assaulted. He
can be mistreated in a very terrible way among
criminals. Yet people say it is wrong to punish
criminals; we don't need punishment.

I believe I read that America had gone an entire year
without anybody losing his life for crime, because
people have risen up and said we ought not to punish

The "crime" of punishment? God doesn't believe this.
There is a JUDGMENT day coming, a time of punishment.
God has a hell for people who will not do right, will
not trust Him and His Son, live contradictory to His
will and hurt the human race. God Almighty believes in
punishment, believe me. It is found in the Bible. He

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