The Book Of The Revelation (10 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 13

Turn with me, friends, to the 13th chapter of the
Revelation. We are dealing now with the dragon and the
two wild animals (translated "beasts").

The word for beast, therion in Greek means a WILD
beast or a WILD animal, not a domesticated animal.
This is an important study because the first of these
wild beasts is the coming Antichrist. The dragon (the
devil) gives him his power. The second wild beast or
wild animal is his false prophet. So in this study we
have the dragon (the devil) and the two wild beasts
(the two men the devil uses). We have here in detail
the revival of the old Roman empire.

The Setting

Now the 13th chapter and verse 1. Remember, this is in
the middle of the Tribulation Period. The Church has
already been caught up to meet the Lord in the air
when this will transpire.

Down here on earth will appear "the man of sin," the
great Antichrist, a man who is going to be the most
fearful being that the world has ever known, a man who
will control the commerce of this world, a man who
will be worshipped as God, a man who will be raised
from the dead with an authentic resurrection. The
whole world will worship this one man. He will be the
devil's man. All the power of Satan will be
concentrated in this man.

Satanic Deception

Right now the devil is deceiving many people all over
the earth. The other day on one of our TV programs
they had the story of Bishop Pike, a man who really
renounces the Bible as the Word of God, does not
believe that the Bible is the Word of God. From his
remarks he must not believe in Jesus as the Saviour.
This man had a son who took drugs and his father aided
and abetted him in the taking of drugs. Then the son
committed suicide.

Since then Bishop Pike has said that he has
communicated with his son through a spiritualistic
medium in England. Now, trying to c ...

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