The Book Of The Revelation (7 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 10 & 11

The Book of the Revelation Chapter 10 and 11 you will
recall, friends, that we have been studying the Book
of the Revelation. Today we are in chapters 10 and 11,
the middle of the Tribulation Period. The Church has
been caught up to meet the Lord in the air and God's
judgments are bursting upon this earth.


In chapter 4 we found God the Father sitting upon His
throne. In chapter 5 we had Christ the Lamb in the
midst of the throne. In chapter 6 Jesus comes up to
the Father and takes the little book (scroll) out of
the Father's hand. It is the book of doom, the doom of
mankind who have rebelled against God, it contains
God's judgments that are coming upon the world. Jesus
begins to tear the seals (there are seven) from this
roll one by one. Every time He tears a seal a judgment
strikes the earth. We studied six seals. We studied
the 144,000 in Chapter 7. Then the trumpet judgments
in chapter 8. We have had six trumpet judgments and
have seen the terrible things that are coming upon the
earth. Monsters are coming. The doom of this world is
found in chapters 8 and 9. Read it carefully for
yourself, and remember that it will be literally


We are taking up now Revelation 10:1 to 11:14. In this
passage we do not have a judgment, but the preparation
for the sounding of the seventh trumpet. First of all,
we read of "a mighty angel" in verses 1-7, one of the
most colossal beings we read anything about.

Then beginning with verse 8 "The little book is eaten"
by the writer John himself.

In chapter 11 John is commanded to rise and measure
the temple of God (on earth, in Jerusalem) and we read
that the city of Jerusalem will be trodden down of the
Gentiles for forty-two months.

Then in verses 3-12 we read about the two witnesses
the Lord will have in the city of Jerusalem during the
reign of ...

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