The Book Of The Revelation (2 of 24) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 2 & 3

The Book of the Revelation is a wonderful study. It is
so full of wonderful things not only of the end-time
but other prophecies of the Word of God, so much of
heaven, so much of the future of earth, and so much of

Let me suggest to you that you pick up a copy of The
Book of the Revelation by William R. Newell. It
outlines the Revelation in clear, concise form. This
is one of the greatest single volumes that I would
recommend if a person could have only one volume on
the Book of the Revelation. You will have to study it,
but it will be worth your study. The volume will help
you lay hold of the main teachings of the Revelation
and the wonders of it. You will be able to know the
great things of the Gospel, not only salvation but the
things of the end-time.


In our study we are now in chapters 2 and 3 in the
midst of THE CHURCHES. I am not going to take up
Christ's messages to the churches chapter by chapter
and verse by verse because I want to pass through this
particular part. But now we NEED this in this hour! I
hope that you will read and study Revelation 2 and 3,
particularly the things that Christ dislikes and the
things that Christ likes. I am going to try to give
you the main meat of it and then the great promises of
the Son of God to those who overcome. People need in
these days to see what God has to say.

These were literal churches that Jesus spoke to and
they represent His entire Church. For He said, "He
that hath an ear (in any generation) let him hear what
the Spirit is saying to these churches." The Spirit of
God is speaking to the Church.

What are the things that Christ likes and dislikes?
Let me say again that anybody who SERIOUSLY thinks
about Heaven and Jesus hereafter will be thinking
about walking with Jesus NOW. We will want to get rid
of that whic ...

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