The Sovereignty Of God (2 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 17:26-27

Now if you have your Bibles, friends, turn with me to
Acts, the 17th chapter, and we are studying today a
wonderful statement of God, THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD,
and we pray the Lord will bless in a wonderful way.
Here we have God's plan and blessings on the various
nations of earth.

We found out that God in His sovereignty made the
world, that He is now Master of heaven and earth, that
He doesn't dwell in temples made with hands, He
doesn't need what man has to give Him because HE GIVES
to all, life and breath and all things. Now in verse
26 we learn that God made of one all the nations who
have ever dwelt on earth. God pre-determined the time
that the nations should be born and live and die, and
also the bounds of their habitation, how long they
were to endure, and how large they were to grow.
NATIONS, of earth. Nations have come and gone in
history. God is a GOD OF HISTORY! Someone has said,
"History is HIS STORY." History is actually an
unfolding of God's plan.

Now today we are taking up verse 27 of Acts 17, GOD'S
planned BLESSING for the people on earth. He loves
people! Remember that. When you see destruction, that
isn't God's part. That isn't what God planned, what He
loves; at all. That is because of SIN! God plans

So we read that the nations should "seek the Lord, if
haply they might feel after Him and find Him, though
He be not far from every one of us." God's plan for
the nations is that they should SEEK HIM; seek the
Lord, as a weak, fretting child in the dark seeks its
mother. We are to seek Him. We are to "feel after
Him." You know how a little child feels after its
mother? Reaches out to feel its mother near, in the
dark? And is reassured when it feels the touch of its
mother? We are in a dark world, a world darkened by
sin and unbelief, and we can reac ...

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