The Greatness Of The Love Of God (3 of 6) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Malachi 1:1-3

Now we want to speak on the Greatness of the Love of
God. Malachi 1:1-3, "The burden of the Word of the
Lord of Israel by the hand of Malachi. I have loved
you, saith the Lord Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou
loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord
Yet I loved Jacob. And I hated Esau." Let's go back to
the first part of verse 2, "I have loved you." I'll
take verse 3 later, on God's hatred of Esau. One day a
lady said to Mr. Spurgeon, the great preacher, "I've
been taught all my life that God is love and He cannot
hate anyone, but I read in Malachi that God hated
Esau. How do you explain this? I don't understand it"
And he said, "I don't either. But I have something
else I don't understand. My problem is not God hating
Esau, my problem is how He could love Jacob." So
brother, when you look at your life and remember that
God is an absolutely Holy Being you wonder how He
could ever love you. There is a poem that goes
something like this "Thou that shouldest love a wretch
like me and be the God Thou art,/ Is darkness to my
intellect but is sunshine to my heart" God loves me,
how wonderful! That's the only thing that keeps me
going. We have critical illness in our home. The love
of God envelops my heart and keeps me sane. You must
know and believe that God loves you personally.

Now notice here it says, "I have loved you, saith the
Lord " That sounds like a fellow talking to his
sweetheart, "I LOVE YOU!" Have you ever loved anybody?
Real love is total caring. Every once in a while my
wife, when I do something for her, will say to me,
"Thank you," and I say, "Remember, I am your husband,
I love you." Now this is what God says to Israel, "I
have loved you, saith the Lord." And I believe that He
not only loves He IS love. He hates but it is never
said he IS hate. God is love, not hate. Now we're
going to see there ...

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