The Greatness Of The Word Of God (2 of 6) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Malachi 1:14

Friends, turn with me to the Book of Malachi. The
supreme teaching of this book, the outstanding
impression it leaves on the mind, is the greatness of
God and the failure of man. Now the greatness of God
is found in chapter 1, verse 14 of Malachi. In the
latter part of this verse it says, "I am a great
King, saith the Lord of hosts, and my name is terrible
among the nations." God is great and the older I
grow the greater God becomes to me. I'd be frightened
if I didn't know the Gospel. I'd be frightened if I
did not have the revelation, if I didn't know that He
in love sent Christ to be my Saviour and has given me
His heart. Oh, the greatness of God! Any person will
see that God gets greater as the days go by and we get
smaller, and smaller, and smaller.

Now I want us to think about Malachi. Get the
historical setting of the Book of Malachi. Because of
their sins, God had allowed the Babylonians to come in
and take the people of Israel captive. They were
captive in Babylonia for 70 years, and then God
brought them back to the promised land as He had
foretold them through Jeremiah. Under Nehemiah the
walls were rebuilt which had been broken down and
gates which had been burned with fire were repaired.
The wonderful temple which God allowed to be destroyed
had been rebuilt. The sacrifices and the priesthood
and the ceremonies were re-instituted and for a time
there seemed to be a revival among the people of
Israel. Evidently the revival was short and the people
of God fell into evil ways. It's like many today who
make resolutions. They do better for awhile but it
doesn't last. They go back into sin.

So in those days the priests and people had walked
away from God. If you do not read this book in the
context of all the Word of God you will not get the
message of Malachi. That's why we've got to get the
setting. God r ...

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