Can We Have A World Wide Revival Today? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 5:14

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, please turn
with me to Ephesians 5:14. Our subject today is
"Can we have a real world wide revival today?" I
have in my study a volume on the "Great Awakening."
There was a period, in American history, when a
great revival spread all over the United States of
America, and there was a great awakening and people
in our cities began to think about God and their
sins, eternity, dying, heaven, the things of God,
and the things of the Bible. The presence and power
of the Holy Spirit swept over people and multitudes
began to come to the Lord Jesus Christ. In the
study of revivals, you find that there have been
periods in the history of the world when this has
happened. Never, as far as I know, a great
WORLDWIDE awakening, but certain nations have had
awakenings, and great individual portions of
nations. That is what we are thinking about now. A

That was brought to my mind when I received a
letter from a very dear friend of mine who is a
professor, an outstanding man of God in one of our
great seminaries, and teaches the Word of God. In
the course of his letter he says this, "This has
been a busy, wonderful year for me. I've taught an
extra heavy load in the seminary and served on five
major administrative committees of the school.
Also, I have preached in revivals, Bible
conferences, evangelism conferences, and have
served interim pastorates. I would really
appreciate being remembered in your prayers."

And then my friend says, "Our total enrollment in
the seminary this year will go above 5,000." (Just
think about that---5,000 young people studying for
the ministry.) Then he wrote, "God must plan to
send a real awakening soon, for He is sending us
thousands of fine young people to train for
leadership. Let us pray for that awakening." Oh my
friends, ...

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