What Will Not Be In The City Of God? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 21 and 22

Friends, we are talking today about things that will
not be in the City of God.

No More Death

The Bible says there will be no more death. We are
living in a DYING world. Who among us has not had a
loved one or friend to die? In the plan of God there
is coming a time when there will be no more death.
Revelation 21:4. I am looking forward to that time. I
wish I never had to see anyone DIE. I wish I would
never have to preach another funeral service. If I
have to do it in the will of God, I will do it. But
the one thing in all of my ministry that I do not
enjoy is dealing with death. I am so glad that there
will be no more death in the Paradise of God.

No Temple

Another thing that will not be in that City is found
in verse 22. "And I saw no temple therein: for the
Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the Temple of it."
A temple or a sanctuary is a meeting-place where God
meets man. That is the purpose of the temple, the

Why will we need a place to meet God when He will be
EVERYWHERE? In the Holy City God will be dwelling
everywhere with His people. There will be no need for
a particular temple or meeting-house. There will be no
need for churches. God's Presence will be everywhere,
constantly. God will be with us in the streets, in our
homes, wherever we are. God's Presence will pervade
the entire City. There will no temple, for the Lord
God Almighty and the Lamb ARE the Temple of it!

No Sun or Moon

What else will not be in that City? "They will have no
need of sun or moon, for the glory of God will
illuminate it. The Lamb will be the Light thereof."
Christ will be the Luminaryl There will be no need for
light in the City of God for God will be the Source of
light. The present order of things will not be needed.
This present creation needs a sun and moon. But in
that new creation the sun and moon wil ...

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