A Study Of Robes In The Bible by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 7:9

If you have your Bible, turn with me, please to Luke
20:46, and we are studying today about ROBES, as found
in the Scriptures. It is an important study, friends.

First of all, we have the Robe of Religious Pride.
That is a hellish robe.

In Luke 20:46, Jesus says, "Beware of the scribes,
which desire to walk in long robes and love greetings
in the market places and the highest seats in the
synagogues and the chief rooms at the feasts, and
which devour widow's houses and for a show make long
prayers. The same shall receive greater damnation."
The Robe of Religious Pride! Here they are, strutting
around in their long robes, loving greetings in the
market places, as people bow before them as saintly
people, choosing the highest seats in the synagogues,
the chief rooms at the feasts, the old, hellish sin of
pride. And yet underneath is a sinful, wicked heart,
because they devour widow's houses, making their money
off widow's houses and make long prayers, just for the
show of it all, pretending to be men of prayer. Yet
their hearts are wrong with God!

This reminds us, friends that it isn't the
externalities that count. It isn't the exterior. God
looks at the HEART. God knows our lives! There are men
who are making their money on false ways, from those
who are poverty stricken, those who are in need. I
tell you, they'll receive greater damnation. Instead
of helping people up, they are engaged in businesses
that strike people down. Yet they make a religious
pretense! Well, Jesus speaks with thunderous
denunciation against such people, that their damnation
is just and shall come. The Robe of Pride! Jesus said
that except a man humble himself and become as a
little child, and turn to God through Christ, and live
a spiritual life, such a man is lost.

The next robe we have is the Black Robe of Sorrow.
Many of us have had that robe.

In ...

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