Volcanoes by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 6:12, 16:17

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Revelation 6:12. Then we will look at Revelation
16:17. There is a tremendous interest in the Book of
Revelation because God has revealed the future unto
His servants, His people. He expects that we will want
to know His plan for the future of the world, of the
human race, of Christians, of the unsaved. The Book of
the Revelation unveils "things which must shortly (in
God's plan) come to pass." God's shortness is
different from our shortness, but these things are
going to come to pass.

In the Book of the Revelation, the Lord speaks of
tremendous cosmical disturbances (physical, material,
in the atmosphere, and on the earth) that will shock
the human race and cause people to expire from heart
attacks on the streets. Jesus said in Luke 21:26,
"Men's hearts failing them for fear. "

"Widespread Cooling"

I'm alluding to this because I recently read a
newspaper clipping where the words "HUGE ASH CLOUD
page. Under that were these words in large type,
COOLER TEMPERATURES". The article said, "An enormous
cloud of dust and volcanic ash from the eruption of
Mt. Penatubo is rapidly circling the globe, spreading
so much debris over such a wide area that scientists
now say it could trigger widespread cooling of the
northern hemisphere in the coming months." Just one
volcano is affecting our weather.

God Almighty tells us in the Book of Revelation of the
end times for us to read, understand, believe, and
keep in our hearts that He is going to level the
mountains of the earth that will result in volcanic
activity such as man has never known.

The article continued, "The leading edge of ash from
last week's initial eruption of the Philippine volcano
has already spread as far as Egypt, more than 6, ...

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